About Us

Meet Christina…Hi I’m Christina Peterson, let’s just say I’m not a cooking expert, nor a domestic goddess. In fact I’ve made some pretty embarrassing household and cooking mistakes, which I love to share on this site. I’m also the queen of Google, I literally Google everything that I have a question on. Hence how this site began, yes I Googled “How to Defrost Bread” but I would like to point out that I was just trying to find out the best way to preserve the integrity of the bread.
I grew up an only child in Minnesota but dreamed of one day living in California. So when I turned 20, going to school at the University of Minnesota,I applied for an exchange program out to California. I convinced my parents to let me move by doing a PowerPoint presentation (complete with music and everything), and it worked (this was officially the beginning of my marketing career). I found a roommate on roommates.com, spoke to her on the phone a few times, sent her a check and moved on out! Moving 2000 miles away from home by myself was WAY out of my comfort zone, but it was the best thing I ever did. I love California and am definitely here to stay! I own NAC Marketing Group, a full-service marketing firm. I am unmarried, no kids, a total wino; I live with my boyfriend Jeff and spoiled dog Sophie.    Growing up I never really did many of the domestic tasks I’ve started experimenting with in my 20s. Figuring out what will get spray tan out of my white sheets, or mopping the floor with Dial soap (ooops), and yes even putting regular dish soap in the dishwasher…yikes, has been quite the adventure. I’ve found a love for cooking and trying new things, and I love to share my experiences good or bad. I am definitely not Martha Stewart, and I know most of you reading this aren’t either, so hopefully you can relate and share some of your domestic triumphs as failures as well.

The Story Behind HowtoDefrostBread.com

While at the grocery store one night, my boyfriend, Jeff, picks up a loaf of French bread to go with dinner and I chime in with, “Oh no we don’t need any more bread, we have some in the freezer.” After a bit of convincing Jeff put the bread back as I was clearly quite excited about the bread in the freezer. After we returned home I set my iPhone down on the kitchen counter and left the room. My unsuspecting bf picked up my phone to look something up and was shocked to see what popped up on the Google search page, “How to defrost bread?! Who Googles how to defrost bread?!” Jeff asked while laughing as I returned to the kitchen. From then on I never heard the end of it, and a few months later “HowToDefrostBread.com” was born.

What is HowtoDefrostBread.com?

On howtodefrostbread.com (also referred to as H2DFB) you will find tips and advice on cooking, cleaning, and other random domestic things all from my own life experiences. Don’t worry it’s not all just advice and my obnoxious opinions but an interactive community where you, the reader, can chime in too. Follow me on our Wonder Blog, cook, laugh and get answers to even your most embarrassing domestic questions. After all there are no dumb questions (I have probably asked them all!).

What better way to give great entertaining advice other than taking it from real life experiences and many mistakes. Enjoy!



Hi! I’m Christina,the inspiration behind HowTo Defrost Bread…. it is my apparent lack of “domestic-ness” that has made for some funny and embarrassing tales of “what not to do”. I love to try new things and learn along the way…join me on my journey of domestification. When I’m not hanging around here I’m probably Googling something.